This FREE 35-PAGE REPORT by MLM Millionaire Dale Calvert is only for “Leaders” who have been involved in Network Marketing at least 5 Years and have a minimum of 100 People on their Team.

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  • If you are a little Frustrated and Anxious about your future in this industry,
    this report is for you.

  • If you know there is something missing in the development of your team, but you have no idea what it is, this report is for you.

  • If you look at your team and you see mostly followers, instead of future leaders,
    this repot is for you.

  • If your over all progress is slower than you had anticipated, this report is for you.

  • If your team seems loyal but unable to duplicate, this report is for you.

  • If you wonder if you are in the right company, this report is for you.

  • If you seem to be spending a lot of time with the wrong people and not enough on your own recruiting efforts, this report is for you.


In this 35-page report I will reveal to you the "Six-Dimensions of MLM" Training and how to move forward in your business & How to avoid the 2-Dimensional leadership trap that most leaders fall in to over time. You will learn how to become a leader known for producing six figure earning team members and much more.


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